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Balkan Human Rights Network consists of a number of NGO’s working with various aspects of human rights on Balkan. The common values of the participating organizations are based on perception of human rights as they have been adopted and specified by a number of international conventions related to human rights.





The aim of the network is to promote human rights standards on Balkan in legislation as well as in administrative practice. The further aim of the network is to contribute to the peace-making and reconciliation process on Balkan after a long period of violent conflicts. The long term aim is to develop stable and democratic societies on Balkan.
Basic concepts

1. Democratic societies will not initiate violent conflicts against each other

2. Human rights work shall be build-up from the ground

3. Flexibility. The BHRN is not an exclusive club of members. Intention is to include many organizations in the network

4. Regional thinking. All members of the BHRN consider it important that the future development must be seen in the framework of developing human rights in the whole region. What is important in one country is linked with the development in other countries as well.

from opening speech by Morten Kjaerum, director, The Danish Centre for Human Rights, Presented for the Balkan network workshop in Budapest, 9 - 11 June 1999)

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